Staff Directory

Name Title Phone Location Email
Dr. Jo Campbell Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs & Executive Director of University Housing 805-756-7990 Bldg. 31

Scott Bloom

Associate Director of Housing,

Director of Facilities Operations

805-756-7990 Bldg. 31
Juliette Duke Senior Associate Director of Housing, Director of the Residential Student Experience  805-756-7990 Bldg. 31



Director of UH

Custodial Operations

805-756-1575 Bldg. 31

Denise Gibbons

Associate Director of Housing,
Director of Administration & Auxiliary Services 
805-756-7990 Bldg. 31
Richel Galila Administrative Analyst/Specialist 805-756-7990 Bldg. 31
Kari Mansager Associate Director of Inclusivity for UH 805-756-5959 Bldg. 31

Housing Administration

Name Title Phone Location Email
Marilyn Allison-Bullock

Assistant Director, Assignments
& Administrative Services

805-756-1226 Bldg. 31
Breanne Bielawa Housing Training & Personnel Manager 805-756-1585 Bldg. 31
Karleyne Binford Second-Year Housing Assignment Supervisor 805-756-1226 Bldg. 31
Julia Bluff Marketing  Coordinator 805-756-1584 Bldg.  31
Erika Cota Budget Analyst 805-756-2478 Bldg. 171A
Mary Gibbs Housing IT Consultant 805-756-6124 Bldg. 171A

Kate Heinemann Second-Year Housing Assignment Coordinator 805-756-1226 Bldg. 31
Nona Matthews Assistant Director, Housing Outreach
& Communications
805-756-1226 Bldg. 31
Tracy Merrick First-Year Housing Assignment Supervisor 805-756-1226 Bldg. 31
Angie Rico-Giese Administrative Office Assistant 805-756-9306 Bldg. 31
Sadie Rogers Graphic Designer   805-756-1247 Bldg. 31
Taryn Ruiz First-Year Housing Assignment Coordinator 805-756-1226 Bldg. 31
Karen Schmidt Administrative & Payroll Coordinator 805-756-5935 Bldg. 31

Housing Technology Services

Brian Schultz Equipment Systems Specialist
Bldg. 113
Bobby Walls Housing IT Consultant 805-756-5989 Bldg. 113

Planning and Support Services

Name Title Phone Location Email
Josh Ciraulo Planner/Estimator/Scheduler 805-756-1544 Bldg. 31
Suzanne LaCaro Assistant Director of Facilities Operations and Sustainability 805-756-9323 Bldg. 31
Colleen Lampman Planner/Estimator/Scheduler 805-756-1542 Bldg. 31
Elizabeth Manriquez Procurement Specialist 805-756-1588 Bldg. 31

Kay Price Customer Service Assistant 805-756-5957 Bldg. 31
Michelle Sardina Purchasing Assistant 805-756-1567 Bldg. 371B
Heather Stoker Operations Analyst 805-756-1586 Bldg. 31
Emily Orlando Emergency Operations and Security Analyst 805-756-5024 Bldg. 171E


Name Title Phone Location Email
Ruben Campos Assistant Director of Custodial Operations  805-756-6941 Bldg. 105
Rey Valdes Custodial Operations Manager 805-756-9358 Bldg. 171E
Savina Hernandez Administrative Support Coordinator 805-756-5672 Bldg. 31

Housing Depot

Name Title Phone Location Email
Peter Hernandez


Depot Associate


805-756-7103 Bldg. 371B
Mei Hoh Operations and Depot Coordinator 805-756-9328 Bldg. 371B
Victor Jacobo Depot Support Associate 805-756-9328 Bldg. 371B
Hugo Leon Depot Support Associate 805-756-9328 Bldg. 371B
Paul Shiffrar Housing Depot Associate 805-756-7102 Bldg. 371B

Karl Welz Inventory and University Housing Depot Manager 805-756-1516 Bldg. 371B

Residential Student Experience

Please view the Residential Student Experience Staff Roster for contact information.

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