Staff Directory

Associate Vice President and Executive Director

Name Title Phone Email
Dr. Jo Campbell Associate Vice President for Student Affairs & Executive Director of University Housing 805-756-7990
Richel Galila Administrative Analyst/Specialist 805-756-7990

Residential Student Experience (RSE)

Please view our more expansive staff roster to reach out to our Coordinators of Student Development (CSDs) - the professional live-on staff in our housing communities.

Name Title Phone Email
Juliette Duke Senior Director, University Housing
Director of Residential Student Experience
Daisy Castaneda Learning Community Coordinator 805-756-6938
Lance Donaldson Office Coordinator 805-756-5690
Allison Elliot Associate Director of the Residential Student Experience 805-756-6798
Rachel Goddard Office Coordinator 805-756-6932
Valla Hardy Associate Director of the Residential Student Experience 805-756-5471
Sarah Lasnik Assistant Director of the Residential Student Experience 805-756-5991
Cat Placencia Leadership and Programs Coordinator 805-756-5954
Hunter Simmons Assistant Director of the Residential Student Experience

Britta Swearingen Office Coordinator 805-756-9320
Vacant Assistant Director of the Residential Student Experience    

University Housing Business Operations

Name Title Phone Email
Denise Gibbons Director of University Business Operations 805-756-7990
Marilyn Allison-Bullock

Assistant Director, Assignments
& Administrative Services

Karleyne Binford Second-Year Housing Assignment Supervisor 805-756-1226
Mary Gibbs Assessment Analyst 805-756-6124
Kate Heinemann Second-Year Housing Assignment Coordinator 805-756-1226
Carla Lohr Director or Housing Business and Finance 805-756-1585
Tracy Merrick First-Year Housing Assignment Supervisor 805-756-1226
Taryn Ruiz First-Year Housing Assignment Coordinator 805-756-1226

University Housing Custodial Operations

Name Title Phone Email

Jon Fink

Director of University Housing Custodial Operations 805-756-1575
Ruben Campos Assistant Director of Custodial Operations  805-756-6941
Philippe Gielen Custodial Operations Manager 805-756-1587
Rey Valdes Custodial Operations Manager 805-756-9358
Savina Hernandez Custodial Operations Support Assistant 805-756-5672

University Housing Diversity, Inclusion and Outreach

Name Title Phone Email
Kari Mansager Director of Diversity, Inclusion and Outreach 805-756-7637
Julia Bluff Marketing Coordinator 805-756-1584
Nona Matthews Assistant Director, Outreach and Communications 805-756-6274
Angie Rico-Giese Administrative Assistant 805-756-9306
Sadie Rogers Graphic Designer 805-756-1247
Zach Zimmerman Events and Outreach Specialist 805-756-5662

University Housing Employee and Labor Relations

Name Title Phone Email
Vacant Director of University Housing Employee and Labor Relations    
Karen Schmidt Recruitment Specialist 805-756-5935
Tony Simpson HR and Payroll Coordinator   805-756-7781

University Housing Facility Operations

Name Title Phone Email
Scott Bloom Director of University Housing Facilities Operations 805-756-7990
Emily Carrow Office Coordinator 805-756-1587
Josh Ciraulo Project Specialist 805-756-1544
Peter Hernandez


Depot Associate

Mei Hoh Operations and Depot Coordinator 805-756-9328
Victor Jacobo Depot Support Associate 805-756-9328
Jeff Kurth Equipment Maintenance Assistant 805-756-1587
Suzanne LaCaro Assistant Director of Facility Operations and Sustainability 805-756-9323
Colleen Lampman Project Specialist 805-756-1542
Hugo Leon Depot Support Associate 805-756-9328
Elizabeth Manriquez Procurement Specialist 805-756-1588
Emily Orlando Emergency Operations and Security Analyst 805-756-5024
Kay Price Customer Service Assistant 805-756-5957
Michelle Sardina Purchasing Assistant 805-756-1567
Paul Shiffrar Depot Associate 805-756-7102

Heather Stoker Operations Anaylst 805-756-1586
Vacant Inventory and University Housing Depot Manager  


Student Affairs Technology

Supports University Housing computing and technical needs, including ResNet. 

Rick Salomon Director of Student Affairs Technology 805-756-1522
John McCarthy IT Consultant 805-756-6419
Brian Schultz Equipment Systems Specialist



IT Consultant 805-756-6423
Bobby Walls IT Consultant 805-756-5619

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