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Updated June 28, 2019

Housing Services - Your Connection to Campus Housing Facilities

Maintenance Service Requests 

For assistance with all facility-related issues (i.e. furnishings, room conditions, plumbing, electrical, etc.) complete a Maintenance Service Request on your Cal Poly Portal, Housing Tab. Please submit your request as early in the day as possible so it may be directed to the appropriate channel.

Requests for Services or Repairs

Current Maintenance & Service Alerts

Laundry Online Monitoring

Before heading to the laundry room, you can check and see if any machines are available, how many minutes are left, and receive a text or email when your laundry is done.

  1. Create an online account at www.mywavevision.com :
    • Select new user
    • Zip code: 93407
    • Location: CA Polytechnic St Unv
  2. Log into WaveVision to see if there are any available machines in your building
  3. Select Notify Me to be alerted by text or email when the machine is done

Residence Hall Room, Apartment & Suite Condition Inventory Forms

Please use our FAQ to report the condition of your room within 72 hours of moving in through your Housing Portal. 

Damage Charge Information and Appeals

Guidelines for completing the Housing Damage Charge Appeal Form (DEADLINE EXTENDED)
Housing Damage Charge Appeal Form (DEADLINE EXTENDED)

Our Goals at Housing Services are to:

  • Provide facilities which are safe and secure, functional, and habitable supporting University programs.

  • Provide services which maximize the aesthetic and functional quality of the environment in support of University programs in an economically efficient manner.

  • Support the academic, cultural, personal, recreational, and social educational opportunities through facilitation of personal and group skill development in broad areas of community, responsibility, cooperation, and adaptation to change.

ResNet - Your Connection to On-Campus Living Network

Welcome to the ResNet Information section. Your ResNet connection provides you with detailed information about the on-campus residential computing network when you want to begin the process of getting set up for the network.
Returning students should check ResNet for changes to the network as well.

Computing and Network Service Requests -

For assistance with all computer-related issues (i.e. network, wireless, passwords, downloads, etc.) contact ResNet directly.

While living on campus, you are provided with a high-speed, "always-on" Internet connection. The Internet port in your room connects to a complex network designed for the fastest, most stable and most secure Internet experience possible. We have a firewall between the residential network and the Internet connection to assist in protecting you from breaches in security. Our network also connects directly to the on-campus network providing a seamless bond with necessary educational resources. It's important to understand that the residential network exists solely for educational purposes.

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