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Continuing Student Move-in | Campus Apartments

Updated: July 11, 2016

We can't wait to welcome you back, Mustangs! To ensure a safe & convenient experience, we've developed specific instructions & defined routes for fall move-in. Students, check your Cal Poly email for the following periodic Move-in Updates to stay informed.

Tuesday, July 19:  A Mustang Move-in Pass is required for move-in. Secure your pass by signing up for move-in arrival time through the link provided in your Move-in Update. The arrival time reserves a space for vehicle unloading, check-in and long-term parking. You can sign up and edit your reservation anytime through Monday, Aug. 29, 2016. Make your travel plans based on your final move-in arrival time. 

Early Aug.: Sign up for a College Student Shipping's Ship to School service. Arrange for your belongings to be picked up and conveniently delivered to your room at Cal Poly. What smarter way to start your move-in day than to have your college essentials waiting for you when you arrive!

Later in Aug.: Watch for your Mustang Move-in Map that shows you where to go. You will be directed to a specific campus entry point, drop-off zone, long-term parking and shuttle stop locations based on your housing assignment.

Move-in Weekend & Fall Opening 

Schedule of Activities

Description TIME  Date LOCATION

Continuing Student Move-in Weekend


8 a.m. - 6 p.m.                               

Sept. 20-21, 2016                                     

Campus apartments


To Do

View your apartment and room assignment when you self-assign or by 9 a.m., Wednesday, Aug. 17. ​Access your application in the Cal Poly Portal, Housing Tab to view your finalized assigned building, apartment and room number; room telephone number (one per room); the name(s), hometown(s) and email address(es) of your roommate(s), (unless they requested privacy); and apartment check in information. 

Tip! Communicate with roommates in advance about items to share and living preferences.

Update Your Emergency Contact Information 
Prior to moving in, please update your emergency contact name, address and phone number on the Cal Poly Portal, Personal Info Tab. 

Tip! We need to have this information on file before we can release your room keys.


It is important that you follow instructions from Cal Poly for a safe and smooth experience.​ Move In is a busy time – more than 2,800 returning Mustangs will be arriving throughout the weekend. We appreciate your patience and consideration as we help everyone arrive and settle in.

Resident check in is at your specific apartment community. Bring your PolyCard or other photo identification to receive your access card and key.

Tip! Campus apartments are located on steep hills. Bring a dolly or hand cart to help move boxes and other items your car to your apartment.

Tip! Wear sensible shoes and come prepared to climb stairs. There are elevators in the apartments, but you may also need to take stairs.
Tip! Bring water, a hat and sunscreen. September is warm on the Central Coast.
Computer Connectivity

Wireless internet is provided by ResNet and is available in all rooms, apartments, study rooms and lounges. Residential connectivity has unique requirements for your computer. To ensure that your computer is prepared for Internet connectivity from your room, visit the ResNet website.

Apartment Condition Inventory
Prior to move in, apartment staff inspect all rooms and apartments and complete an Apartment Condition Inventory (ACI). The ACI documents the condition of the room. If you have found issues in your apartment check with your Community Advisor (CA) or front desk to ensure these issues have been documented on the ACI. Any issues that have not been documented on the ACI can be charged to residents upon move-out.

All apartments rooms are considered to be in good working order with no major maintenance issues. If there are issues in your apartment, please complete a Maintenance Connection service request through your My Cal Poly Portal, Housing Tab, University Housing Service Requestor Channel.

Furniture provided in the apartment and bedrooms must remain there.

What's Provided

Your New Home Comes Move-in Ready 
Campus apartments are furnished. Here's a list of items we provide for the duration of your stay.

Cerro Vista Apartments

Poly Canyon Village Apartments 




















Single & double bedrooms: Each student's bedroom features an extra-long twin bed, a chest of drawers, a wardrobe, a desk,chair and a waste basket for each student. Mini blinds are provided. Each room is also equipped with a phone jack, basic cable TV connection and high-speed Internet access.

Double suites: Each student's bedroom is provided an extra-long twin bed; a chest of drawers and a wardrobe. Mini blinds are provided. Each room is also equipped with a phone jack, basic cable TV connection and high-speed Internet access. A desk, small mobile file cabinet, chair and a waste basket is provided for each student in an adjacent study den.


Bathrooms: A shower curtain, toilet paper and waste basket is provided in each bathroom.

Common Areas: Each apartment's common area is provided a coffee table, two floor lamps, a couch, two end end tables and window coverings.

Kitchens include an electric range with a ceramic cook top, a microwave, a full-sized refrigerator, a waste bin, a recycle bin and a fire extinguisher.  Some apartments have dining tables, others have a dining counter and bar stools. Cerro Vista Apartments have garbage disposals.

Basic cable TV connection and an analog phone are also provided.


Housekeeping: Light weekly housekeeping service is provided in kitchen/dining area, living room and bathrooms, and apartments are supplied replacement light bulbs and toilet paper.

What to Bring, What to Leave Behind

Items to bring and leave at home
Feel free to bring the items we suggest below, and talk with your roommates about items to share. Please leave prohibited items at home. 
Feel free to bring

please leave at home

(Prohibited items)

Adhesive hooks & strips (no nails).
*Poster puddy, apartments only

Air conditioners, space heaters

Bathrobe Barbecues
Bath Towels Charcoal, lighter fluid
Bedding (XL twin, mattress/foam pad) & pillows   Grills

Bicycle & lock

Extension cords

Cold medicine & first aid kit

Flammables: candles, incense, gasoline, fireworks, propane
Computer Furniture of any kind: chairs, couches, futons
Hangers Halogen lamps, lava lamps
Important documents (ID, original Social Security card, if you plan to work on campus) Holiday lights
Laundry supplies Hot plates, hot pots, irons (irons can be checked out at the front desk.)
LED desk lamp Industrial cleaning solvents
School Supplies

Freezer units

Small fan


Small personal safe

*Lofts, bed risers
Snack food Microwaves

Toiletries (shower caddy, shower shoes, 
shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc.) 


Storage units taller than 48"

Kitchen items: utensils, dishes, pots & pans, can opener, oven mitts, foil & plastic wrap, spices,

toaster oven, measuring cups & spoons, paper products, electric skillets, toasters, rice cookers


*Irons: Personal irons allowed in the apartments, but are prohibited in the residence halls. Irons are available on loan at the residence hall front desks.

*Refrigerators: One standard refrigerator is provided in each apartment. Contact the Disability Resource Center at 805-756-1395 if you need a medical accommodation.

*Pets/animals: Pets are not permitted, with the exception of fish in an aquarium not to exceed five gallons per resident or 10 gallons per room/apartment.

*Weapons: Air-soft guns, knives, slingshots, stun guns, BB guns, pellet guns, water guns, firearms, bow and arrows, ammunition, or explosives or other weapons are prohibited. 

*Risers: Riser kits, blocks and bricks are not permitted. Only furniture provided by University Housing that is designed for lofting may be lofted.

Tip! If you need to mail belongings to Cal Poly, Distribution Services begins accepting packages for residents one week prior to move in. We suggest using UPS or FedEx to ensure efficient tracking and delivery of your packages.  

Campus Partners

GradGuard Renters Insurance
On college campuses, backpacks are often filled with thousands of dollars of electronics and books, and student bicycles and other valuables are often targets for criminals. Don’t risk not being able to replace these items. Renters insurance is a low-cost option that can replace your stolen or damaged items subject to a $100.00 deductible. Cal Poly highly recommends that students consider Renters Insurance to protect their belongings. Visit GradGuard Renters Insurance for additional information.

Mustang Laundry
Mustang Laundry helps students make the best use of their limited time at Cal Poly. College is a busy time; you'll want every hour you can get. Mustang Laundry promised 96 more hours of time each year. How does it work?  Students drop off dirty clothes on Mondays and Wednesdays at attended trucks parked near campus residence halls and apartments.  The clothes return clean on Wednesdays and Fridays. All clothes are cleaned with a ten-step process that includes pocket checks, spot treatment, color sorting, optimal temperature, careful folding and hand packaging. Choose from one of three quarterly plans. Register with My Laundry or at

Residential Hall Linens
University Housing's Inter-Housing Council (IHC) partners with Residential Hall Linens to raise funds for the IHC. Proceeds from student purchases go to the IHC and are used for programming in the residence halls and apartments at Cal Poly. For more information, and to place an order, visit the 
Residence Hall Linens website. Thank you for your support!

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