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The ability to post listing is not currently available due to a system issue. Please use other means to post your listing and check back for updates.

Off-Campus Housing Listing Services for Faculty and Staff

Local Resources for Faculty and Staff

Educated Renter Guide and Certificate Program

Transitioning to off-campus housing isn't easy. Before you scour San Luis Obispo, give your housing hunt two advantages:

  1. Search smart using the tools in the Educated Renter's Guide (posted on ISSUU).
  2. Set yourself apart from the competition with Cal Poly's Educated Renter's Certificate Program.

Privately Owned Off-Campus Rentals
(participants in Cal Poly's Off-Campus Housing Fair)

Important information:

  • Rental listings CANNOT be restricted due to age, race, color, national origin, religion, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, physical disability, or families with children.
  • A person in a single family dwelling who is advertising for a roommate may express a preference on the basis of gender, if living areas (such as the kitchen, living room, or bathroom) will be shared by the roommate.
  • Please be aware that rental listings cannot make any reference to the type of person you would like to rent to and must be in compliance with Fair Housing Act.
  • Renters need to be aware that some landlords or Property Management Companies may charge non-refundable fees for applying and /or credit reports.


Storage of student's belongings for summer, etc., can be found off-campus at various moving and storage companies.

Please check the Yellow Pages or Google for additional storage facilities in SLO County.

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