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Pertussis (Whooping Cough) Information

Cal Poly Health Center Pertussis Web Page Link

Vaccination is the best prevention for pertussis. You can only get the booster by getting a Tdap shot, which covers not only pertussis, but also tetanus and diphtheria. By getting the immunization, you not only protect yourself from getting the illness, you also protect yourself from being quarantined should someone close to you come down with the illness.

Cal Poly Health Services strongly urges anyone who has not received the one-time booster shot for pertussis since 2005 to do so.

If you are experiencing pertussis (whooping cough) symptoms. Please call the University Health Center at 805-756-1211 during business hours or toll free after-hours line at 866-439-2012.
Please let your Coordinator of Student Development know if you are diagnosed with pertussis.

If your roommate has been diagnosed with pertussis please call the University Health Center to inquire about preventative follow-up.

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