University Housing community buildings

Pest Control

Please report pest issues directly to Housing Services.

A report can be filed using one of the following methods:

  • Enter a Service Request via the University Housing Service Requester under the Housing tab on your MyCalPoly homepage
  • Call Housing Services during normal business hours at 805-756-1587
  • Contact your Coordinator of Student Development
  • Report the issue to your community front desk
  • File a report in-person at one of the Housing Services offices:
    • Residence Halls report to University Housing Building 31, Room 101
    • Apartments report to Poly Canyon Village/Aliso, Building 171A, Room 042

When reporting, the resident or staff member should clearly describe:

  • The location (building name, floor, nearby landmarks)
  • The pest
  • Details of the event such that the appropriate responder can be contracted
  • Whether there is imminent danger to residents

Typical Response Information for Particular Pests

Ants, Roaches, Earwigs (pincher bugs), Pill Bugs (rollie-pollies), etc.
Birds: Pigeons, Swallows, etc.
Rodents: Mice, Rats, Squirrels, etc.

Ants, Roaches, Earwigs (pincher bugs), Pill Bugs (rollie-pollies), etc.

  • These pests are present when escaping from wet locations caused by rain and sprinklers.
  • As a precaution, residents should locate and remove trash and open food sources.
  • Residents shall place all food in sealed secondary containers.
  • Housing Services has insect traps that may be used by residents. These traps are available at the front desk of each community. Insect traps are also available at the Housing Services office in University Housing, Building 31, Room 101.
  • Insects can be vacuumed.
  • Pesticide sprays should only be used as directed and only when appropriate.
  • For severe conditions of insect infestation, a licensed pest control company will be dispatched.

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Birds: Pigeons, Swallows, etc.

  • Bird nests can be a source for mites, so removal is necessary.
  • Nests will be removed by Housing Services as allowed by law.
  • Custodial Services will clean walls and sidewalks as needed.
  • Swallows are a protected bird species under the “Migratory Bird Act.” Swallows typically construct their mud nests under the eaves and corners of buildings, bridges, etc. The high density of nests constructed may contribute to a health hazard. University Housing takes steps in trying to prevent their constructing of mud nests by installing netting and bird slides (which deters the birds from being able to perch and start the building of mud nests).

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Rodents: Mice, Rats, Squirrels, etc.

  • Rodents are attracted to locations where they can hibernate/nest and find food.
  • Residents are to remove all open food items, clean all debris and empty in-room trashcans.
  • Food shall be placed in sealed secondary containers.
  • Housing Services will dispatch a staff member to investigate the situation.
  • As necessary, pest droppings will be vacuumed and surfaces wiped clean.
  • Traps will be provided and set if appropriate.
  • Residents are to contact Housing Services to remove trapped rodents.

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  • Snakes have been found at Cal Poly.
  • Call Housing and Business Services 805-756-1587 immediately to report snakes near or in buildings.
  • Snakes will be removed in a safe and humane manner when viable.

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