University Housing Academic Initiatives

University Housing recognizes its role in the success of students living on campus at Cal Poly. Academic initiatives are developed in conjunction with University and UH learning community’s learning objectives and assessed through pre and post surveys, EBI and focus groups.

University Housing Resources

Honors Banquets
Honor Banquets and receptions are held in all learning communities throughout University Housing. These events recognize students for their academic achievement during the previous quarter. Faculty and staff from various colleges and departments attend to personally recognize student achievement and make connections with students.
PASS Parties
PASS parties are held all learning communities to assist new students with the registration process. Academic Advisors, Mustang Success Center, peer mentors and/or registrar staff are available to help students learn how to use the registration system and to talk about classes students need to stay on track academically at Cal Poly. 
Top Ten Classes
Each community has a list of the Top 10 classes students in the community are enrolled in.  This list is used by Housing staff to organize study groups and student-faculty interactions.
Academic Incentive Programs
Each community offers an initiative that motivate and encourage academic progress of their residents. Earn recognition (example Study or Mustang Buck) for studying, getting great grades and participating in your community.
Linked Classes
Linked classes are a unique and special opportunity provided to students living in various learning communities on campus. Students are able to enroll in a reserved class or section of a class that is solely for students living in a particular learning community, creating an academic cooperative of students. Thus linking one class/section and a group of on-campus residents living in the same building.
SAS Tutoring Groups in Housing
SAS hosts several tutoring groups in various Housing buildings to support students learning where they are living.
Writing & Rhetoric Center Tutors in Housing
Writing & Rhetoric Center student staff hold office hours in Housing.
Success Meetings
Throughout the quarter, students have the opportunity to meet with University Housing staff members to discuss academic and personal concerns and learn about resources available to assist them in their success at Cal Poly and beyond. 
University Housing staff meet throughout the year with Associate Deans, department chairs, faculty, career services, student academic services, college librarians and other academically related staff to integrate the student experience and building collaborations to support student success. In addition, University Housing staff attends and presents at College department meetings, College Councils, College Academic Day events, Open House, etc.
University Housing staff works closely with College administration to promote College events, tutoring, student academic services and various academically related resources for students.
Sample Academic Support & Incentive Program Initiatives
Passive Examples:
  • Informational/Educational Bulletin Board(s)
  • Academic resource tips/trivia in building newsletters
  • “Ask me About” academically related fliers for their doors/online blogs/Facebook
  • Academic “Resource of the Week”
  • Publications/flyers highlighting tutoring, academic workshops (SAS), College events and various campus events
Active Examples:
  • Building Study Groups or Study Buddy program – Study Flags (flags at tables where students can indicate what they are studying and others can join to assist or work on the same area)
  • Intentional Academic Conversations – When approaching midterms student staff ask “How are your classes going?” instead of the general “How are you?”
  • Class registration or advising event (Plan A Student Schedule – PASS)
  • Academic advising events, example “Revisit Your 4-year Plan”
  • Review sessions with faculty or academic support staff
  • Faculty speakers in the building, example “How to Prepare for Visiting Faculty Office Hours”, fireside chats, etc.
  • Bring in/create student support workshops
  • Resource Bingo Cards linking to learning outcomes
  • Pass out “Mustang Bucks” when residents go to office hours, visit an Academic Advisor, study, assist others with academics (academic incentives)
  • Coaching Circles, Mentoring Events
  • Honors Banquets
  • Minor or concentration fair with College involvement
  • College/Career Club Fair with College/ department involvement
  • Career/Internship Events
  • Library Tours w/College Librarians
  • Cooking in the Canyon & Communities (focused on academic tips, writing center exam prompts, faculty guests)

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