Faculty Involvement

Faculty-student interaction in and out of the classroom is important to the educational experience of Cal Poly students. The purpose of faculty involvement in on-campus housing is to promote a more personalized University experience through formal and informal student-faculty interaction in the residence halls. Research has shown that programs of this nature significantly benefit both faculty and students. Studies by Astin (1993), Pascarella, Terenzini (1996) and many others indicate a positive relationship between this type of interaction and students’ career aspirations, decision-making skills, educational goals, intellectual and academic development, personal and social development and satisfaction with academic and non-academic aspects of college life.

Important Benefits of Faculty Involvement in On-campus Housing

  • Informal faculty contact with students has a positive effect on the student’s personal and intellectual development.
  • Faculty contact assists students in their academic and personal development.
  • Faculty gain a better understanding of students' experiences living in University Housing
  • Faculty gain expertise in students’ lives and insights on how to enhance their education methods to reach students in and out of the classroom.

Faculty Scholar Program

Faculty who want to go above and beyond, and work closely with one or more of our faculty involvement programs, will have the opportunity to become a Faculty Scholar.  Participate in University Housing Faculty programs and you will receive a Faculty Scholar certificate, be eligible to receive funding for collaborative programs with University Housing, receive an honor at the end-of-the-year Faculty and Staff Recognition Brunch, and more.

Ways to Become a Faculty Scholar

  • Attend a University Housing program (PASS event, Honors Banquet, educational or social program).
  • Present a program to students in University Housing.
  • Participate in Faculty Office Hours
  • Host a University Housing Linked Class

Faculty Involvement Brochure (pdf)

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