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During the rainy season, be safe, look out for condensation in your room and building and keep these things in mind.



It is common for an increase of ants during summer droughts, hot days, and winter rain storms. If ants have entered the building, please submit a Maintenance Request using the Service Requestor on your my.calpoly.edu portal, Housing tab, or by calling (805) 756-1587.

The campus’ licensed pest control company suggests:

* Spray an ammonia based window cleaner (i.e. Windex) on the ant trail. This will disrupt the pheromone trail the ants use to find their food source.

* Do not use other types of pesticides. These pesticides act as a repellent, driving ants away from the pest control company treatment.

Preventative measures:

* Cleanliness—it is important for areas to be very clean to prevent ants—this includes counter tops, corners, cupboards, shelves, and baseboards.

* Sweep and mop floors away from baseboards and corners. Sweeping toward will cause food particles to be imbedded in crevices, thus attracting ants.

* Clean up food and drink spills promptly.

* Keep food in airtight containers (i.e. a Rubbermaid type container with a lid or top that seals the container to make it airtight).

* Empty trash frequently.


Currently no alerts 

For assistance, questions or concerns, please contact your Front Desk or contact
Housing Services directly at housingservices@calpoly.edu or (805) 756-1587.

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