Move-out Information

Updated: Dec. 18, 2020

Former residents that left items in their room due to COVID-19 can now schedule a move-out appointment to retrieve their items by email

Please do not return to campus immediately, or without an appointment at any time, and buildings are locked.

San Luis Obispo hotels are open to Cal Poly students and families who are traveling to the area to move out and need lodging. Call the SLO Visitor Center at 1-877-SLO-TOWN for assistance in connecting with available options.

Retrieving Your Items 

If you are interested in returning to Cal Poly to retrieve your items:  

  • Make an appointment to retrieve your items by email Please plan your travel; we cannot accommodate residents who arrive outside of their scheduled arrival time.  
  • Campus staff will be on hand to open rooms for you. We will not be re-issuing keys, and the keys you may still have will not open your space.  
  • Please bring no more than two additional people with you from your permanent residence. 
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be required, so please bring a cloth face covering and plan to wear it while in all buildings. Campus will also be taking strong social distancing measures to ensure the continued health and safety of our community.  

Pack and Ship + Pack and Store 

Cal Poly has secured some options to pack and ship or pack and store your belongings. If you are interested in having your items shipped to you or stored, at your cost, you may contact one of the following two moving companies: 


If you would like to donate any of your items to local thrift stores, please contact them directly. Do not leave any trash or belongings behind; otherwise, you may incur a cleaning fee.  

Bike Storage

Looking for a place to store your bike? Don't want to transport it home? Rent a secure bike locker and your bike will be ready for you when you return. Learn more here.

Damage Charges

Unless otherwise communicated by RA staff, damage charges will be split evenly between all assigned residents of the room or apartment.

Residents will be notified of charges through their Cal Poly email and may request a review of any charges assigned.

Room Configurations

Before you head out, be sure to move your bedroom back to its original configuration. Use the layouts below as a guide. Please note: Room layouts can vary, even within the same community. When you reset your room, the furniture should not block doors, windows or closets. Mini-fridges should be left on the floor (not the furniture) and be plugged directly into the wall (not the surge protector).

Here are other resources to help you with Move-out:


Item Disposal


How-to: Prep your Room


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