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Updated: Jan. 2, 2018

Perfect for continuing students, campus apartments are safe and convenient with all the amenities you expect: full kitchens, Wi-Fi included, the option of private or shared bedrooms and the opportunity to choose your living space. 

Continuing students live in Poly Canyon Village and Cerro Vista Apartments, beautiful communities with breath-taking views, convenient dining, and a nearby market. All of it is just steps away from class. 

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What You Can Expect in 2018

  • Poly Canyon Village will be reserved exclusively for continuing students. 
  • Singles will be the majority of available bedspaces. There will also be standard doubles. 
  • Current freshmen have priority to secure housing during a one-week window starting Thursday, March 1. All continuing students have access to secure housing starting Thursday, March 8. 
  • Students can secure housing through the University Housing single-click access on the Cal Poly Portal.  (The Housing Tab is no longer active.)
  • A $500 non-refundable initial payment, submitted with the online application, secures your space and is applied to your total cost of housing. There is no application fee and no deposit. 
  • New housing rates will support necessary facility upgrades across University Housing including maintenance of campus apartments and modernization of older living communities. The rates are in line with other university housing programs.
  • A portion of the increase will be set aside for grants to support low-income students who have the greatest financial need. The grant to these students is $1,000 towards the academic year’s housing.
  • There will be an option to request up to three mutually confirmed roommates in the housing application. You must list all confirmed roommates you plan to live with. Only students who have secured housing can be added as confirmed roommates.  
  • The last day to edit the Housing Application, including adding confirmed roommates, is Friday, March 30, 2018.
  • You will self-select your apartment/room during spring quarter so that your housing plans are set before you leave for summer.

    Have specific questions? Learn more from our Answers to Continuing Student Application & Self-Selection FAQs.

Steps to Secure Housing

Know your Application Window
Current freshmen apply starting Thursday, March 1. The application opens to all continuing students on Thursday, March 8. 

The application will close when we have reached capacity based on demand.  After the application closes, students can add their names to an interest list. 

Go to University Housing single-click access on the Cal Poly Portal to apply for and secure housing. 

On the housing application you will:

  • Complete/verify your profile info.
  • Complete your Meningococcal plan.
  • Add accommodation information.
  • Agree to the contract.
  • Make your $500 non-refundable initial payment.
  • Add up to three roommates. All Roommate requests must be mutual to be included in self-selection.
  • Select preferred housing options such as Learning Community preference, Gender-Inclusive housing, Grad Guard Renters Insurance, etc.

Apartment/Room Self-Selection

Continuing students who have secured campus housing are able to self-assign their room in an apartment during spring quarter.

Appointments are determined based on priority window and a lottery. Freshmen who applied during the first priority window (March 1-7) are in the first group of students to self-select. The appointment date and time for students who applied in the same application window and on the same day is based on a lottery.

During self-selection, students can pull in up to three roommates. It is necessary to add roommates if you wish to be part of a confirmed roommate group at self-selection. 

Planning Links

Continuing Student Housing Fees 
Answers to Continuing Student Application & Self-Selection FAQs
Continuing Student Housing Application Steps and Timeline (pdf)
Residence Halls & Apartment Amenities & Floor Plans

Learning Communities

Cal Poly apartments offer more of the independence that comes with apartment living combined with support when you need it. Our continuing student Learning Communities offer balance - social events to help you unwind and academic partnerships to provide the very best learning experience.

CP Scholars 2.0 
Second-year CP Scholars build a community with other CP Scholars in a space geared at providing academic and personal resources. 

Substance Free 2.0
Students are committed to having a great time without drugs or alcohol. The community recognizes that our behaviors have a significant impact on our wellness and adopt healthful habits, while avoiding destructive habits. 

Entrepreneur iCommunity 2.0
Live with entrepreneurs, creators and visionaries across all majors to cultivate an innovative mindset and prepare to become emerging leaders and career-ready entrepreneurs. Get ready to generate innovative solutions to real-world problems, research promising technologies and develop viable business plans.​ 

Sophomore Success
Boost your academic and career success by taking advantage of valuable campus partner connections and making life-long friendships. 

Mustang Move-in

For all information regarding Mustang Move in, please visit the Mustang Move-In page. Fall 2018 move-in information will be posted here in spring. 

Winter and Spring Housing

Need to live on campus starting with the winter or spring quarter? Visit the Winter and Spring Housing webpage.

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