Continuing Student Housing

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Updated: Nov. 14, 2019

Continuing Student Housing

On-campus, students can live in the Cerro Vista or Poly Canyon Village apartments. These furnished four-, five-, and six-person apartments are safe and convenient with all the amenities and 24/7 staff support. Plus, there’s 360-degree views, amazing hikes, and nearby shops — right in your backyard.  

Off-campus, students can live in the heart of downtown San Luis Obispo at Cal Poly Lofts, a 35-person community designed for student entrepreneurs and innovators. 

 cerro vista apartmentsCerro Vista Apartments

The apartment community closest to the core of campus, Cerro Vista houses nearly 800 residents in six connecting buildings.

Apartment types: Four bedroom, four-person apartments

poly canyon village apartmentsPoly Canyon Village

Nestled in the foothills of Poly Canyon, PCV houses over 2,500 residents in nine buildings and includes a central plaza with a market, café and post office.

Apartment types:
Four-person, four-bedroom apartments
Five-person, five-bedroom apartments 
Six-person, four-bedroom apartments with two shared rooms

cal poly lofts

Cal Poly Lofts

A community in downtown San Luis Obispo for 35 sophomore, junior and senior-level students who have an entrepreneurial perspective.

Apartment types:
Studios, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments

The Lofts have a separate 2020-21 application, which is now open! Separate rates for the Lofts apply.

2020-21 Campus Housing: How it works

Submit an application and choose your roommates

Jan. 14-Feb.18

Apply, sign the housing contract and submit the non-refundable $500 initial payment to secure your spot on campus. You can return to the application any time until Feb. 18, 2020 to edit your living options, including:


You can request up to five roommates in your application. Only students who have secured housing can be added as roommates.

  • Being part of a roommate group is optional. You can apply for housing as an individual.
  • Request roommates in the application by searching for their Cal Poly email. Only students who have completed the application will be searchable. Your roommate must confirm your request.
  • The majority of campus apartments are four-person, four-room. We have a limited number of five-person, five-room apartments and six-person, four-room apartments (with two shared rooms) in Poly Canyon Village. They fill quickly, so keep that in mind as you form your group. 
  • Communicate. Make sure your preferred living options match in the application.

Apartment Gender

In the application, choose who you would prefer to share an apartment with:

  • Same-gender apartment: Students share an apartment with other students of the same sex or gender.
  • Mixed-gender apartment: Students share an apartment with other students of any sex or gender.
  • Pride apartment: We recognize that many students would be more comfortable living with members of the LGBTQ+ community and/or in housing options inclusive of all genders, gender identities, and expressions (not gendered into male and female spaces). Pride apartments are available in both the Pride Community and in small clusters throughout all other residential learning communities.

Other living options

In the application, you will also have the opportunity to let us know if you want:

  • A dining plan
  • Pride, Substance-Free or Cultural & Identity Community Housing
  • Renter's insurance

Select a room

Feb. 20 - March 1

Students that have submitted their application and finalized their roommate groups by Feb. 18 will be assigned a room selection appointment. The room selection appointment is determined by your group size and a lottery. The date you secured housing has no impact on your appointment time. During your appointment, you will select a space in Poly Canyon Village or Cerro Vista Apartments for yourself and any roommates.

Room selection takes place in the following order: 

6-person groups only Picking 6-person apartments Poly Canyon Village 77
5-person groups only Picking 5-person apartments Poly Canyon Village 48
4- and 3-person groups Picking from 4-person apartments Cerro Vista and Poly Canyon Village

Cerro Vista: 198

PCV: 489

Individuals and 2-person groups Picking spaces in all unfilled apartments Cerro Vista and Poly Canyon Village N/A

Any 6- or 5-person groups that exceed the number of available apartments will be notified and can divide up their roommate groups to be included in a later lottery. 

Students who submit an application after Feb. 18 will not be able to participate in the initial round of room selections. They will select from the spaces remaining after the first round of room selection is complete. 

    2020-21 Residential Learning Communities

      Housing assignments are based on Residential Learning Communities (RLCs). When you select a room, you will assign yourself into one of the following Residential Learning Communities:

      • Pride Community
      • Cultural and Identity Communities
      • Cal Poly Scholars
      • College Communities: CAED, CENG, CAFES, COSAM, OCOB or CLA
      • Substance Free
      • Engage

      Residential Learning Community locations will be determined before the application opens. During room selection, you will have an opportunity to prioritize either your RLC or your building of your choice. Check back here for a map of our 2020-21 RLCs soon!


      To cancel your housing or to learn more about the cancellation process, go to University Housing in your Cal Poly Portal, then click on Housing Cancellations. 30- days' cancellation notice is required for all campus apartments and 60-days notice is required for the Cal Poly Lofts. The $500 initial payment is not refundable.

      Winter and Spring housing

      Need to live on campus starting with the winter or spring quarter? Visit the Winter and Spring Housing webpage. If you are studying abroad or doing an internship, apply for the quarter you require housing.

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