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Updated: Nov. 5, 2021

Next Year's Housing Options

The following dates and process are for the 2021-22 academic year. Information for the 2022-23 academic year will be posted in December. Please check back.  

Continuing students live in the Cerro Vista or Poly Canyon Village apartments. Most campus apartments feature four private rooms, but there are a limited number of five-person apartments (all private rooms) and six-person apartments (two lower-cost shared rooms and two private rooms). Students who live in campus apartments enjoy 360-degree views, amazing hikes, and nearby shops — right in their backyard.  See next year's housing fees here.>>

Application Status

The housing application remains open in the Housing Portal to CAFES, CAED, Cal Poly Scholars and student athletes who need to secure their space for next year. 

We've opened our interest list for all other students who have not secured housing. If you have not secured housing, you can add your name to the continuing student interest list in the Housing Portal. The initial payment is not required to sign up on the interest list. Spaces will be offered as they become available. 

Important Dates

Here are some important dates:

Starting Jan. 20

Students with a two-year housing requirement can request an exemption for their second year

Starting Feb. 2

Students with a two-year housing requirement (CAED, CAFES, student athletes, and Cal Poly Scholars) can apply

Starting March 2 All other interested continuing students can start signing up.
When allotted spaces are full, based on current scenario planning for fall, an interest list will open. Spaces will be offered from the interest list ongoing, based on campus planning and public health conditions. 
Starting March 19 Return to the application to request roommates
June 1
(Deadline extended!)

Last day to edit your living options and roommate groups

Mid Aug.

View your fall housing assignment 
Aug. 18 Last day to cancel to avoid late cancellation fees.  The $500 initial payment is non-refundable if you cancel to live off-campus.

Apply + Choose Roommates

Once the app opens in your Housing Portal, you can apply, sign the housing contract, and submit the non-refundable $500 initial payment. 

When allotted spaces are full, based on current scenario planning for fall, an interest list will open. Spaces will be offered from the interest list ongoing, based on campus planning and public health conditions. 


Starting March 19, you can request up to three roommates. Details:

  • Roommate groups are optional. You can apply as an individual.
  • Request roommates in the app by searching for their Cal Poly email. Only students who have completed the app will be searchable. Your roommate must confirm your request.
  • The majority of campus apartments are four-person, four-room. We have a limited number of five-person, five-room apartments and six-person, four-room apartments (with two shared rooms) in Poly Canyon Village. 
  • If you are hoping to live with a student that does not have a two-year housing requirement — remind them to apply for housing early, before all spaces fill.
  • Communicate with your roommate(s) about your community and apartment preferences.

Residential Learning Communities (RLCs)

Housing assignments are based on your RLC preference, which you select in the housing app. Explore 2020-21 RLC options. >>

  • Discuss your RLC preference with your roommate group and that your preferences match.
  • Since some communities fill quickly, preferences are not guaranteed. If your preferred community fills, you will be placed in an open apartment in another community.

Apartment Gender

Choose who you would prefer to share an apartment with:

  • Same-gender: Share an apartment with other students of the same sex or gender.
  • Mixed-gender: Share an apartment with other students of any sex or gender.
  • Pride: Live with members of the LGBTQ+ community and/or in housing options inclusive of all genders, gender identities, and expressions (not gendered into male and female spaces). Pride apartments are available in both the Pride Community and in small clusters throughout all other residential learning communities.

Other living options

In the application, you can also let us know if you:

  • Want renter's insurance
  • Plan to seek out a disability-related housing accommodation through the Disability Resource Center (DRC)
  • Plan to stay for Winter Break (Dec. 11, 2021-Jan. 2, 2022). Winter Break is not included in your Housing Contract; an additional fee applies.

Two-Year Housing Requirement

CAFES, CAED, student athletes, and Cal Poly Scholars are required to live on campus their first two years. You can learn more about our two-year housing program and exemptions here. Exemptions requests can be submitted starting Jan. 20, 2021.


You can cancel your Housing Contract before 2021 Fall Move-in through your Housing Portal. A 30-days notice is required (by Aug. 18) to avoid late cancellation fees. The initial $500 payment is not refundable if you cancel to live off-campus.

Mustang Move-in

For more info on Mustang Move-in, see our resource page.

Winter and Spring Housing

Learn more here about signing up for winter and spring housing. 

Summer Housing

Staying on campus to get ahead on classes during the summer? We offer summer housing! 

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