Continuing Student Housing Fees

Updated: Oct. 17, 2019

Fees Information

Fees for 2020-21 will be posted mid-January at application opening. 

2019-20 Housing Rates

Housing rates have changed for the 2019-20 academic year. The new rates posted below will support necessary facility upgrades across University Housing including maintenance of campus apartments and modernization of older living communities. These rates are in line with other university housing programs across the state.

A portion of the increase will be set aside for grants to support low-income students who have the greatest financial need. The grant to these students is $1,000 towards the academic year’s housing.

To pay for housing, first make the non-refundable initial payment when you apply for housing, then pay the balance owed, either in full or in installments. 

Payment Steps

  1. Make the Initial Payment in the Housing Application.
    The non-refundable initial payment of $500, required to secure housing, is part of the application process. You will pay it in the Housing Application.

    Note! Using 2019-20 FAFSA or CA Dream application data, the Financial Aid Office has identified and the system has coded the students who qualify for deferment of the $500 initial housing payment.  To be considered, you must have a 2019-20 Financial aid application on file.
  2. Pay the Balance Owed

    Annual housing fees are viewable on Aug. 3, 2019. There are four options for paying the balance owed:

    1. Defer payment of Housing and Dining charges to be paid by financial aid (only if the student has accepted sufficient financial aid to pay for all Registration, Housing, and Dining fees).
    2. Pay entire annual balance by Sept. 1, 2019.
    3. Pay the quarterly balance by Sept 1, 2019.
    4. Pay the first monthly installment balance by Sept 1.

Students must, at minimum, pay the first monthly installment amount unless that payment is “Deferred by Financial Aid,” as indicated on the Money Matters tab of their Cal Poly portal.

2019-20 Housing Fees*

Academic Year Amount $10,581 $10,017

*All fees are proposed and subject to change and Executive Order & Board of Trustees Approval.

Quarterly & Monthly Housing Fees

  Apartment single bedroom apartment double bedroom

TOTal Fall Charges 

(less $500 if Initial Payment received)

$3,753 $3,552
Installment Due Dates:    
9/1/2019 $1,251 $1,184
(9/1 Amount if $500 initial Pymt Made) $751 $684
10/1/2019 $1,251 $1,184
11/1/2019 $1,251 $1,184
Total Winter Charges $3,582 $3,393
Installment Due Dates:    
12/1/2019 $1,194 $1,131
1/1/2020 $1,194 $1,131
2/1/2020 $1,194 $1,131
Total Spring CHarges $3,246 $3,072
InStallment Due Dates:    
3/1/2020 $1,082 $1,024
4/1/2020 $1,082 $1,024
5/1/2020 $1,082 $1,024
Total Academic Year $10,581 $10,017

Note from Student Accounts: The quarterly housing charges will be split up into three monthly installment amounts with monthly due dates. Students may pay more than the minimum monthly installment amount. There are no penalties for paying off balances ahead of schedule. If a student prefers not to make monthly payments, they have the option to pay the full quarterly amount or even the annual amount.

At minimum, the monthly installment amount must be made by the set due date to avoid any holds that may be placed on the account.

All payments should be made using Cal Poly’s CASHNet payment portal or submitted (via mail or in-person) to the University Cashier’s Office. Payments received after 5 p.m. are posted the following business day.

For any questions regarding charges and payments please visit the Student Accounts webpage or contact them at 805-756-1428.

Off-Campus Housing Rates  

View a summary of off-campus housing rates for comparable one-bedroom apartments. 

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