Continuing and Transfer/Grad Learning Communities

Updated: Feb. 6, 2023

Residential Learning Communities, or RLCs, in University Housing are a group of students who live together and engage in experiences focused around their field of study, career, identity, or personal interest. All students who live on-campus at Cal Poly are housed in a learning community.  

2023-24 Proposed Residential Learning Community Locations

Below are the current (2022-23) locations of our RLCs. Our goal is to keep the locations of our communities "generally" the same for 2023-24, however, adjustments may be necessary based on RLC demand (how many new students request each RLC) and availability.

There are many factors that impact the final location of RLCS, among them, enrollment, the number of approved exemptions, and preferences for specific room types. Therefore, RLC preferences and locations are not guaranteed. Please check back for the updated list in June. 

  building Continuing RLC
continuing Morro 
(Cerro Vista)
Substance Free
continuing Cabrillo
(Cerro Vista)
Substance Free
continuing Hollister
(Cerro Vista)


(Cerro Vista)

continuing Aliso 1st Fl
continuing Aliso 2nd Fl
Pride and Culture & Identity
continuing Aliso 2nd, 3rd, 4th
Culture & Identity
continuing Buena Vista
continuing Corralitos
First floor, CAED | Upper floors Cal Poly Scholars
continuing Dover
Cal Poly Scholars
continuing Estrella
continuing Foxen
continuing Gypsum
continuing Huasna
First floor, CENG | Upper floors CAFES
continuing Inyo


  building Transfer/grad RLC
transfer and graduate Morro 
(Cerro Vista)
Substance Free
transfer and graduate Bishop
(Cerro Vista)
Pride, Culture & Identity, Transfer and Grad Community
transfer and graduate Islay 
(Cerro Vista)
Transfer Community

continuing  Continuing            transfer and graduate  Transfer & Graduate

Cal Poly Scholars:
Continuing students

An invitation-only program that provides a two-year residential experience for students from selected California high schools. The key goals of this program are to think critically and creatively, build respect for diversity and work collaboratively and to build scholarly expertise and lifelong learning.


Cultural and Identity Scholars:
Continuing students and Transfer Students

Cultural and Identity Scholar Communities provide opportunities — especially for underrepresented students on campus — to create cultural, social and academic connections in their residential communities. These communities also serve as safe spaces for students who identify within the Culture & Identity Scholars Community. We offer the following communities in the application: 

  • APIDA (Asian Pacific Islander Desi Americans) Scholars 
  • Black Scholars 
  • Latine/x Scholars
  • Cross Cultural Scholars (for any person of color)
  • Native American and Indigenous Scholars
  • SWANA (Southwest Asia and North Africa) Scholars

Communities will be formed based on student interest.If there is not enough interest in a specific cultural and identity learning community, students will be offered a space in the Cross Cultural Scholars Community. Students who hold the above identities are welcome to attend events provided by Cal Poly's Race and Ethnicity community centers found within Student Diversity & Belonging, regardless of where they live.


College-based Communities - CAED, CAFES and ceng
Continuing students only; All Majors Welcome

As students from CAED, CAFEs and CENG are required to live on campus for two years, their colleges have their own Residential Learning Community in campus apartments! College communities afford students the opportunity to live with others in their college/major, often sharing the same classes, while participating in activities that center around their academics, careers and social interests.


Continuing Students

This social-based learning community provides an opportunity for students to connect through fun community events and become more integrated into campus life. 


Pride Community
Continuing and Transfer Students

Pride is a learning community for LGBTQIA+ identified (including, but not limited to, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and asexual) students and those in solidarity. It specializes in strong community, leadership, and identity development and education on issues pertaining to sexual and gender diversity at Cal Poly and San Luis Obispo community. This living option features gender-inclusive apartments, and students in this residential community are welcome to attend programmatic offerings through the Pride Center available throughout the academic year.

Substance Free
Continuing and Transfer Students

The Substance Free community is for those committed to a living environment of wellness and having a great time without tobacco, drugs, or alcohol. Residents of the Substance Free community sign a Statement of Understanding and agree to live in an environment that is conscientious of the well-being of yourself and others by forgoing substances within the community — even if you are over the age of 21.


Transfer/Grad Program
Transfer and grad students only

For students who are transferring to Cal Poly from another college, this program gives students opportunities to connect and grow with other transfer students. Students living in this area will receive resources on academic/career support, campus resources and involvement that are specific for the transfer student.

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