Living Learning Programs

First-year Residential Learning Communities

When students apply for housing, they make preferences by Learning Community. Please note that the location of each Learning Community is subject to change from year-to-year, based upon student interest. Learning Communities may be housed within any area of University Housing, including residence halls and on-campus apartments. The location of specific Learning Community will be determined during the summer. 

It is our intent that all first-years will be living in residence halls and apartments will be for upperclassmen. Should the incoming first-year class exceed the number of bedspaces in the residence halls, first-years may be assigned into Cerro Vista Apartments. As well, residence hall occupancy/room configurations are subject to change, based on the availability of facilities.

2019–20 Residential Learning Communities:

24/7 Quiet - Mindful Living Community
Location: tsɨtpxatu
This community offers students a space to concentrate on their academics, focus on their well-being, and socialize with other residents—but in a quieter residential environment.

Asian and Pacific Islander Scholars
Location: tšɨłkukunɨtš
In collaboration with the Cross Cultural Centers, API Scholars provides opportunities to create cultural, social and academic connections for its residents.

Collaborative Leadership
Location: Santa Lucia, Diablo, Palomar & Whitney
In collaboration with the Center for Leadership, this residential learning community fosters socially responsible leadership development through events and initiatives that are innovative and educational.

Locations: CAED - Tenaya | CAFES - Santa Lucia, Lassen & Shasta | CENG - Sierra Madre Towers 0-5 | CSM - elewexe, tsɨtkawayu | CLA - Muir Hall | OCOB - Yosemite Towers 4-9
These six communities afford students the opportunity to live with others in their College/major, often sharing the same classes, while participating in activities that center around their academics, careers and social interests.

CP Scholars
Location: Sequoia Hall
An invitation-only program that provides a two-year residential experience for students from selected California high schools. The key goals of this program are to think critically and creatively, build respect for diversity and work collaboratively and to build scholarly expertise and lifelong learning.

Cross Cultural Scholars
Location: Trinity
In collaboration with the Cross Cultural Centers, Cross Cultural Scholars provides opportunities to create cultural, social and academic connections for its residents.

Entrepreneur iCommunity
Location: Yosemite, Towers 1-3
This community offers an opportunity for all majors to embrace the entrepreneurial “learn by doing” spirit, providing an environment to learn about communication with clients, leading emerging markets, managing projects and utilizing your creativity.

PRIDE Community
Location: Yosemite, Tower 6
A community for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer/Questioning (LGBTQ+) identified students and their allies that specializes in strong community, leadership and identity development and education on issues pertaining to sexual and gender diversity at Cal Poly and in the San Luis Obispo community. This living option features gender-inclusive assignments, gender-inclusive restrooms, and programmatic offerings through the Pride Center.

Global Living
Location: Tenaya Hall
Global Living is an opportunity for students to study abroad without leaving the country! This learning community is built around the ability to relate to and connect with people in our world through practicing other languages, learning about cultures, exploring study abroad and alternative breaks.

Location: nipumuʔ
A community where members of Cal Poly’s Honors Program live together to seek challenges, participate in experiential and interdisciplinary learning, grow as individuals, and expand the boundaries of their academic potential.

Mindful Living
Locations: tiłhini, tšɨłkukunɨtš, tsɨtqawɨ
In this wellness-focused community, you'll learn about mindfulness and holistic wellbeing for all areas of your life to learn tools to be more present, self-aware, and connected with others. Topics for events include physical wellness and nutrition, cultural exploration, stress management, healthy relationships, spirituality, career, and emotional well-being.

Poly Tech
Location: Yosemite, Tower 0 & 6
A theme for anyone from techies to Trekkies. For gamers, geeks and the future focused student who likes to live and learn on the cutting edge

Pre-Med & Health
Location: elewexe
This community connects students with academic faculty, advising and career professionals early so they can explore and prepare for a health professions career.

Location: tsɨtpxatu
An invite-only community for The Reserve Officers' Training Corps.

Substance Free
Location: tsɨtpxatu​​​​​​​
For those committed to a living environment of wellness and having a great time without tobacco, drugs, or alcohol.

TRIO Achievers and Educational Opportunity Program
Location: Trinity Hall
An invitation-only program focused on helping improve the access, retention and graduation of students through encouraging success, community building and empowerment.

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