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Cal Poly Lofts

Updated Aug. 10, 2020

The 2020-21 application for the Cal Poly Lofts is now closed. For inquiries about mid-year vacanies, please email

Located in the heart of beautiful downtown San Luis Obispo, Cal Poly Lofts is a residential community for sophomore, junior and senior-level Cal Poly students who have an entrepreneurial perspective or are engaged in Learn by Doing programs focused on fostering creativity and innovation. 

The Cal Poly Lofts houses 35 students. Residents are chosen based on their interest in entrepreneurship, business or leadership. As a member of the community, they are required to participate in Learn by Doing or career-building opportunities throughout the academic year. 

See inside.

You can get a look inside look at the Lofts in this short video, featured in the Cal Poly Magazine. Read the full story here.

Features & Amenities

Cal Poly Lofts is located in the historic Blackstone-Sauer building on Monterey and Chorro Streets, across from the Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa. Biking distance to the university and steps away from downtown retail, dining and entertainment, Cal Poly Lofts is in an ideal location.

All three levels of the local landmark were renovated and redesigned to include unique floor plans and space for a central courtyard for 35 students. Most apartments feature exposed brick walls, large windows, and generous views of the city.

  • Fully furnished studio, one and two-bedroom apartments
  • Hardwood and ceramic tile flooring
  • A private outdoor courtyard
  • Kitchenettes including a refrigerator, stovetop & microwave
  • Community laundry area - free to wash and dry

What's Provided

    All Apartments: All Rooms: Some Units:
    • Kitchenette with stove top, mini fridge with small freezer 
    • Heat and A/C system 
    • En suite bathroom 
    • Access to free community laundry room and vacuums
    • Full XL bed and mattress (shared one-bedroom apartments have two twin XLs) 
    • Desk and chair 
    • Trash can and recycling bin 
    • Wardrobe or closet
    • Nesting side tables 
    • Coffee table 
    • Nightstand 
    • Bookshelf 
    • Oven

    Map & Floorplans

    • All utilities included 
    • 12-month lease
    • WiFi included
    • Exterior bike racks
    • Air conditioner and heating units controlled independently
    • First-floor retail spaces








    Cal Poly Lofts Map Location

    Lofts Floor Plans

    2020-21 Rates

    All fees are proposed and subject to change and Executive Order & Board of Trustees Approval.

    Quarterly & Monthly Housing Fees






    (Per Person)

    TOTal Fall Charges 

    (less $500 if Initial Payment received)

    $4,143 $5,067 $4,605
    Installment Due Dates:      
    9/1/2020 $1,381 $1,689 $1,535
    (9/1 Amount if $500 initial Pymt Made) $881 $1,189 $1,035
    10/1/2020 $1,381 $1,689 $1,535
    11/1/2020 $1,381 $1,689 $1,535
    Total Winter Charges $4,224 $5,163 $4,695
    Installment Due Dates:      
    12/1/2020 $1,408 $1,721 $1,565
    1/1/2021 $1,408 $1,721 $1,565
    2/1/2021 $1,408 $1,721 $1,565
    Total Spring CHarges $3,138 $3,837 $3,489
    Installment Due Dates:      
    3/1/2021 $1,046 $1,279 $1,163
    4/1/2021 $1,046 $1,279 $1,163
    5/1/2021 $1,046 $1,279 $1,163
    TOTAL SUMMER CHARGES $3,138 $3,837 $3,489
    6/1/2021 $1,046 $1,279 $1,163
    7/1/2021 $1,046 $1,279 $1,163
    8/1/2021 $1,046 $1,279 $1,163
    Total Academic Year $14,643 $17,904 $16,278

    Prices vary based on apartment size and location. For current residents, lease agreements are for 12 months, starting Sept. 1, 2020  — Aug. 31, 2021. New 2020 residents move in on Sept. 8. Need-based scholarships are available through Cal Poly Financial Aid.

    The Michael Köehn Make a Difference Scholarship was established in memory of Michael who passed away in 1998. While attending Cal Poly, Michael was a business major who wished to apply his skills in a non-traditional way. The scholarship supports students who have demonstrated an interest in using business skills in non-traditional, non-corporate settings, such as the arts, environmental, or social justice organizations to help create positive change. For more information on this and other scholarships, visit Cal Poly Financial Aid or review the Scholarship information on your Cal Poly Portal.


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